V Group of Companies is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Piraeus – Greece with strong presence in the greater Eastern Mediterranean, Balkans and North African regions. The Group companies are operating in six main business pillars including Port Reception Facilities, Emergency Response Services, Decontamination Services, Alternative Fuel Production from Waste and Technology.

The Group has established a strong presence and has consistently demonstrated impressive growth over the years with more than 130m.€ in assets and 330 employees. Under the leadership of founder Vyron Vasileiadis, the Group is known for providing innovative, dependable and efficient services while strictly adhering to the highest standards of ethics and sustainability.

V Group of Companies is committed to promoting sustainable business practices and reducing their impact on the environment. Key strategy to achieve this goal is implementing zero waste and zero carbon footprint strategy, involving minimizing waste and greenhouse gas emissions across all operations. The company is continuously working to reduce its energy consumption, increase the use of renewable energy sources, and implement sustainable operational practices. By adopting these sustainable practices, V Group of Companies is not only reducing its environmental impact but also demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

In addition to its business endeavors, V Group is also deeply committed to giving back to the community through the Deppy Vasileiadis Foundation, which was founded with the single purpose of providing significant charitable support to local and global communities. The Foundation serves as a testament to V Group’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and its commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Shaping a Greener Future

We have worked hard to create a model Environmental and Energy Group, that will play a leading role in national and international sustainable development and innovation, while prioritising social and environmental responsibility.

Our strategy, corporate governance, community support and high environmental standards (offsetting our CO2 emissions, zero – waste approach), constitute proof of our Group’s commitment to Sustainable Development and dynamic contribution to the development of a circular economy.

​In​ ​compliance​ ​with​ ​the​ ​requirements​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Paris​ ​Agreement​ ​and​ ​the​ ​European​ ​Green​ ​Deal,​ ​the​ ​Group​ ​has​ ​set​ ​out​ ​strong​ ​foundations​ ​in​ ​its​ ​sustainability​ ​plan​ ​that​ ​will​ ​lead​ ​to​ ​the​ ​achievement​ ​of​ ​the​ ​national​ ​and​ ​global​ ​SDGs​ ​for​ ​2030​ ​and​ ​2050.

Our Group goes beyond the implementation of sustainable practices in its own policies and procedures, influencing all parties and partners involved in its activities, with the ultimate goal of raising standards of sustainability overall.

Developing its strategic business plan in accordance with ESG principles, V Group has invested in zero waste research and development, the construction of modern waste – processing facilities, innovative engineering and RES project developments, employee progression, initiatives related to local community support and enrichment, incorporating ethical conduct and transparency across all organisational levels.

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for a Cleaner Planet

Reducing our environmental impact is at the core of our corporate strategy and by prioritizing our environmental footprint, we recognize the urgent need to address climate change and its impact on our planet.

Since 2015, our Group calculates the carbon footprint of all its activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, offsets remaining emissions through reliable carbon offset programs and invests in environmental projects that promote carbon sequestration, renewable energy sources and sustainable development.

The measurement and offsetting of emissions cover both direct and indirect emissions and are part of the Kyoto Protocol mechanism. The calculations are certified on an annual basis through our collaboration with a recognized entity.

Leading the Change towards Zero-Carbon Balance

First in our industry to achieve a zero-carbon balance, we plan to further reduce both direct and indirect CO2 emissions (tn CO2/million €) from our operations, reflecting our management’s commitment to environmental protection.

We adopt environmentally responsible practices, investments in innovative technologies, strengthening environmental awareness and responsibility among employees and partners and continuous improvement of performance.

All efforts are monitored and developed through an Environmental Management System implemented across all activities and facilities of the Group, certified to ISO 14001 and EMAS standards.

Reshaping the Industry in the Digital Revolution

We are at the forefront of embracing digital transformation and a paperless environment to enhance our operations and deliver exceptional value to our clients. With a clear vision of harnessing the power of technology, we have applied several groundbreaking initiatives to drive digital innovation and reduce its reliance on paper-based processes.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics, we are optimizing our processes, improving efficiency, and gaining deeper insights into customer behavior while significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

Through the introduction of digital documentation systems, electronic signatures and cloud-based storage solutions, our Group has effectively eliminated the need for excessive paper consumption and physical file storage. These initiatives have elevated the overall customer experience, streamlined workflows, enabled faster information retrieval, increased collaboration and enhanced data security.

Documenting Change through Annual Sustainability Report

V Group’s Sustainability Report for 2021 highlights our approach to sustainable development, offering an insight into our performance, priorities and objectives for the following years.

We are fully committed to influencing positive change and addressing long-term challenges, without compromising our standards of sustainability. Our team’s ethics, values and respect for the environment remain at the heart of the way we operate.

Offsetting our website CO2 footprint

Our Group offsets voluntarily the CO2 emissions generated by the use of this website through the certified Sierra Leone Safe Water Project. Through this process, we practically contribute to reducing our footprint while simultaneously enhancing sustainability.