Antipollution Egypt records 100 plus articles in global media

Under the presence of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly, Admiral Ossama Rabiee, President of Suez Canal Authority, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, Mr. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Mr. Walid Gamal El Din, President of Suez Canal Economic Zone, a historic agreement was signed between Suez Canal Authority, V Group of Companies and Greek-Egyptian businessman Eric Adam.

The agreement describes a company that will collect and manage solid and liquid waste from passing vessels. In the initial stage, the creation of waste management units is planned, while in the final stage, electricity and green hydrogen production is also in the loop.

For the first time in the history of global shipping, ships crossing the Suez Canal will have access to state-of-the-art port reception facilities and an innovative green check-point to reduce marine pollution. The process will be based on modern technology and will offer ships access to valuable quantitative – qualitative data as well as to digital “green” certificates.

The Prime Minister described Antipollution Egypt as a very important addition to Suez Canal services with multiple benefits for ships and local communities, fully integrated into the efforts of the State to support the economy by providing employment opportunities to the youth.

He added that solid and liquid waste collection reinforces the efforts to achieve the goals of sustainable development and is adopted by the Government as part of the “Blue Economy”.

The President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi endorsed “Blue Economy” program as well as the strategic development plan of Suez Canal towards its green transformation as a “Green Canal” by 2030 with announcements after COP27 but also after meetings with Suez Canal Authority.

Admiral Ossama Rabiee, President of Suez Canal Authority, confirmed that Antipollution Egypt is fully aligned with the canal’s path towards green development as will promote environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Chairman of V Group of Companies, Mr. Vyron Vasileiadis stated that his is excited as a true giant of global shipping has chosen V Group for such an important investment and that V Group adopts the Principles of Sustainable Development and environmental protection, implementing practices to reduce carbon footprint. These values will also be Antipollution Egypt’s compass for its course in the future.

Mr. Eric Adam stated that Antipollution Egypt will play a major role in the modern era of Suez Canal and is the product of cooperation between not only two organizations and himself, but also between two nations. He is also proud to have helped building a connection between the two sides that have now joined forces to create a bright future together.