Antipollution joins Tradewinds Shipowners Forum in Athens 

In a significant stride towards fostering sustainable practices in the maritime industry, Antipollution has officially joined Tradewinds Shipowners Forum in Athens.

The Forum, headquartered in Athens, Greece, brings together industry leaders, shipowners, and stakeholders from around the world to engage in discussions and initiatives that steer the shipping industry towards a greener future.

The maritime industry, often criticized for its environmental impact, has been actively seeking ways to reduce emissions and minimize its ecological footprint. In recent years, the push towards cleaner, greener practices has gained significant momentum, driven by regulatory changes, market demand, and a growing awareness of environmental concerns.

The Forum has a history of facilitating dialogue and cooperation between key stakeholders in the shipping industry.

Tradewinds Shipowners Forum aim to tackle pressing challenges facing the industry, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting cleaner propulsion technologies. By collaborating on research, development, and sharing best practices, they aim to provide viable, sustainable solutions that can be implemented throughout the maritime sector.