Antipollution participates to D-Marin & Helmepa Jr educational workshop

In consideration to the World Environmental Day, our company Antipollution, Μember of V Group of Companies conducted an educational workshop that welcomed 34 elementary students and their teachers at Zea Marina.

This educational program was organized jointly by D-Marin and HELMEPA Junior proving its great experience on sea protection. Helmepa Junior implements yearly the Junior Environmental Educational Program which commenced in 1993 as a new initiative of HELMEPA. Each year the program gives the opportunity to over 7,000 children throughout Greece, that voluntarily become its Members, to be informed and take action towards the protection of the marine environment.

The objective of the event was to educate students on the importance of environmental protection, raising their awareness on the global environmental issues faced today. As part of the programs highlights was showcasing the Marina’s robot. “Nemo and Dory” as it is called, is a highly specialized robot that cleans the sea surface preventing further pollution in a state of the art manner.

Executives from Antipollution in cooperation with D-Marin executives and Helmepa Junior representatives all came together to highlight the severity of sea pollution and what measures need to be taken in order to put an end to plastic waste on our shores and seas.

Each student was given a sustainable pencil which can be planted after its use, teaching them in this way, the important lesson of recycling and making use of one item in more than one way.

The whole initiative had at its heart, the shaping of a waste free, no litter mentality to the next generation, allowing them to pave the way to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.