Antipollution Sponsors “Blue Economy in mid-2020s: from Resilience to Growth”

The Cymothoe Initiative organized a highly successful conference on “Blue Economy in mid-2020s: from Resilience to Growth” at the Hellas Liberty Floating Museum in Piraeus on April 7, 2023. The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Development & Investment, Ministry of Shipping & Island Policy, the Municipality of Piraeus, the Hellenic Ports Association and the Hellenic Logistics Company.

The conference was attended by more than 150 participants and almost 200 watched it live on the Internet. It was attended by prominent members of the Greek Government, members of the academic community, major players in the market sectors related to the Sea and experts in sustainable development and the circular economy.

The Vice Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikramenos, the Minister of Development & Investments Adonis Georgiadis, the Minister of Shipping & Island Policy Yiannis Plakiotakis and the Regional Governor of Attica Giorgos Patoulis were among the distinguished speakers who addressed the participants. The President of the Union of Ports of Greece Dimitris Iatridis delivered the opening speech and the event was moderated by the journalist Andreas Zaboukas.

The Cymothoe Initiative day included four round table discussions, each moderated by expert journalists. At the first table, the contribution of ports and marinas to the development of coastal areas was discussed, moderated by Notis Ananiadis. The second panel explored the beginning of a new era for the Greek shipbuilding industry, moderated by Andreas Zaboukas. The discussion in the third panel focused on the role of ports in the country’s infrastructure system, moderated by Mary Efthymiatou. The fourth table dealt with projects for a more sustainable maritime development, coordinated by Chrysanthi Stetou.

Antipollution was represented by Mr. Dimitris Bakoulis, Business Development Director of the Group who participated in the open table of the 4th session.