Antipollution supports BLUE HORIZONS initiative

The Maritime Club of Greece, in the context of its goals for the development of the national maritime spirit, the promotion of faith in the sea as an element of life and progress, joined forces with the Hellenic Association for the Protection of the Marine Environment (HELMEPA) and the PROPELLER CLUB (Port of Piraeus), co-organizing a three-day open workshop for young people to get to know the professions of the sea entitled “BLUE HORIZONS – Shipping for the new generation” that took place from Friday 17 March 2023 to Sunday 19 March 2023, at the Naval Club of Greece.

The purpose of the initiative was to guide young people in the professions of the sea (blue economy). The new institution “Blue Horizons” begins with the aim of guiding young people from the age of 15 to work in maritime transport, which offers high wages, lifelong training and professional advancement in the most stable and heavy industry of the Homeland, where Hellenism leads the way for thousands of years.

Mr. Andreas Giakoumelos, General Manager of Antipollution participated as speaker in the workshop among other distinguished speakers from the maritime field and representatives of companies that support the new institution in practice, wanting to inform about the jobs they offer to young people.