Antipollution took over the solid waste reception services at the Port of Heraklion

The Management of the Agency has successfully maintained the uninterrupted provision of services to serve all ships in the port and to protect the environment. The experience that Antipollution employs ensures the quality of the services provided.

With forsight and professionalism, the Heraklion Port Authority (OLI) tackled the sensitive issue of the reception and management of waste from incoming ships by choosing Antipollution S.A. to provide its services.

Given the huge environmental importance of this issue and the particular challenges we face today, the Agency has managed not only to successfully fill the gap and continue to provide the necessary services – it has also significantly upgraded these services.

Antipollution S.A., with its 70-year history, is among the leading port reception service companies in Eastern Europe and among the top 20 in the world.