Chairman of V Group of Companies Meets Chairman of Piraeus Port Authority at Delphi Economic Forum

The Piraeus Port Authority, helmed by Chairman ΥU Zeng Gang, is a pivotal organization in the maritime industry. Known for its strategic location and extensive infrastructure, the Piraeus Port has become one of the largest and busiest ports in the Mediterranean region.

Under Chairman ΥU Zeng Gang’s leadership, the Piraeus Port Authority has experienced significant growth, transforming into a vital hub for international trade and logistics. The Chairman’s expertise and strategic initiatives have elevated the port’s global standing, attracting investments and forging strategic partnerships.

The meeting between Chairman of V Group of Companies Vyron Vasileiadis and Chairman ΥU Zeng Gang of the Piraeus Port Authority at the Delphi Economic Forum was an opportune moment for both leaders to discuss the current cooperation between the two organizations.