Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis Meets Chinese Ambassador to Athens, Xiao Junzheng

Chairman of V Group of Companies Vyron Vasileiadis recently held a pivotal meeting with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Greece, Xiao Junzheng, at the Chinese Embassy in Athens. The meeting, which took place against the backdrop of strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations, focused on various aspects of V Group’s activities, with a particular emphasis on environmental initiatives and cooperation in the port sector.

The discussions delved into the collaborative efforts between V Group of Companies and key Greek maritime entities, including the Piraeus Port Authority. The parties explored the current state of affairs and future prospects of these activities, especially in the context of green port developments and sustainable practices within the maritime industry.

In addition, an overview about the establishment of Antipollution Egypt in collaboration with Suez Canal Authority was given. This strategic move aims to expand V Group’s presence in the region, leveraging the company’s expertise in environmental solutions and maritime operations.

Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis was congratulated by Ambassador Xiao Junzheng for V Group’s recent recognition with the prestigious Environment and Green Development award by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The award not only highlights the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices but also underscores its valuable contribution to the broader environmental sector.

The discussions during the meeting reflected the shared commitment of both parties towards environmental sustainability and green development. Chairman Vasileiadis expressed his gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the Group’s dedication to furthering eco-friendly practices across its operations.

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors, Ambassador Xiao Junzheng commended V Group’s proactive approach in addressing environmental challenges. The Ambassador recognized the potential for further cooperation between Chinese and Greek companies in promoting sustainable business practices and green technologies.

In a forward-looking gesture, both parties agreed to establish a platform of dialogue to address key issues of mutual interest. This platform will serve as a mechanism for ongoing communication, fostering cooperation and addressing challenges that may arise in the future. The commitment to collaboration extends beyond the business realm, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong diplomatic ties between China and Greece.