Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis meets IMO General Secretary Arsenio Dominguez

In a recent meeting during the Capital Link Forum held in Athens, Greece, the Chairman of V Group of Companies, Mr. Vyron Vasileiadis, engaged in a productive discussion with the General Secretary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr. Arsenio Dominguez. The meeting, facilitated by Member of Parliament Dr. Dionysia Avgerinopoulou, focused on the sustainable strategy of the IMO and the commendable initiatives undertaken by V Group of Companies and Antipollution.

The meeting provided a platform for the exchange of ideas, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required to address the pressing challenges faced by the maritime industry. Mr. Dominguez and Mr. Vasileiadis delved into discussions on sustainable practices, environmental conservation and the role of the private sector in promoting a green and efficient maritime ecosystem.

One of the key highlights of the discussion was the overview provided by Mr. Vyron Vasileiadis regarding the forthcoming commencement of operations of Antipollution Egypt. This venture, a joint company of V Group of Companies and the Suez Canal Authority, aims to introduce innovative solutions for environmental protection and sustainability following the Green Canal Strategy by 2030.

Antipollution has been at the forefront of developing and implementing initiatives to combat marine pollution globally. The joint venture with the Suez Canal Authority underscores a commitment to enhancing the environmental resilience of one of the most crucial waterways in the world.

Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis highlighted the various initiatives undertaken by Antipollution, ranging from advanced waste management systems to the development of eco-friendly technologies. The exchange of ideas allowed for a deeper understanding of how the private sector can contribute to the IMO’s broader mission.

The meeting also served as an opportunity for Mrs. Dionysia Avgerinopoulou to discuss the upcoming Our Ocean Conference, scheduled to take place in Athens this April. As the organizer of the conference, Mrs. Avgerinopoulou plays a pivotal role in bringing together key stakeholders to discuss and address the challenges facing the world’s oceans.

The collaborative efforts between V Group of Companies and the IMO, as discussed in this meeting, will likely set a positive precedent for future engagements between private enterprises and international maritime organizations. The exchange of ideas and the commitment to joint ventures like Antipollution Egypt demonstrate a shared dedication to creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious maritime industry.