OLP: Opening for the Expansion Project of the Car Terminal Station.

The opening ceremony for the project “Expansion of the Car Terminal Station (Port of Heraklion)” took place on Tuesday, 6.2.204, at the Car Terminal Station of OLP.

This is a project with a total investment of €20 million, which is included in the Mandatory Investments of OLP SA, within the framework of the agreement with the Greek State. This project will further enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of the port as a hub for vehicle transshipment in the Mediterranean Sea. The expansion of the Car Terminal Station by approximately 40,000 m2 to the north side of the port increases the total area of the New Station to 110,000 m2, creating a storage space with a total capacity of 5,100 vehicles and thus contributing to the further development of the Piraeus Port Organization.

The implementation of this major project was welcomed at the event by the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Mr. Christos Stylianides, who represented the Prime Minister and the Greek Government and stated: “The completion of this investment, totaling €20,000,000 and expanding by 40,000 m2, constitutes a significant achievement because it opens up new prospects for the Port of Piraeus. At the same time, it significantly enhances the competitiveness and attractiveness of our country’s largest port.” Mr. Stylianides also noted that “with the implementation of this crucial project, the government’s commitment to development and innovation is confirmed. At the same time, our country’s preeminence in the world of shipping is strengthened.” Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Greece, Mr. Xiao Junzheng, also attended the event, stating: “The Port of Piraeus has become one of the most important hubs for transporting Chinese vehicles exported to Europe. It is worth mentioning that in 2023, the Chinese automotive brand “MG Motor” and the Chinese brand of high-tech smart electric vehicles “Seres” entered the Greek market for the first time. The entry of Chinese electric vehicles into Europe and Greece not only promotes the green transformation of transportation in Europe and Greece but also effectively promotes the rapid development of the roll-on/roll-off business at the Port of Piraeus.”