V GROUP Honored at Bravo Sustainability Awards for Delos Island Cleanup

On December 12, 2023, the prestigious Bravo Sustainability Awards hosted a remarkable event, recognizing outstanding initiatives in sustainability. Among the distinguished participants were the V GROUP & OFEΤ, who were awarded for their exemplary Coastal and Underwater Volunteer Cleanup on the historic island of Delos.

The vibrant volunteer teams from both V GROUP and OFEΤ, driven by a commitment to social contribution and environmental protection, undertook the monumental task of clearing the island’s beaches of waste. Additionally, experienced diving teams were deployed to collect and remove debris from the seabed surrounding Delos. The collected waste from these two cleanup operations was carefully packaged for transportation and responsibly managed at the state-of-the-art facilities of the V GROUP.

This collaborative initiative between the two groups is the result of a broader partnership based on shared corporate values, goals, and a mission related to promoting sustainable development. Embracing the principles of the circular economy and the complete utilization of waste (zero waste), these initiatives also contribute to the social fabric, ensuring sustainability for future generations.

The Bravo Sustainability Awards not only acknowledge the environmental achievements of companies but also serve as an inspiration for others to follow suit. The efforts of V GROUP & OFEΤ in the Delos Island cleanup exemplify how corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship can create a positive impact on our planet. Through their joint commitment to sustainable practices, these groups are setting an encouraging example for the business community and beyond.