V Group of Companies Visits Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria and Pope of Africa in Cairo, Egypt

In a momentous occasion V Group of Companies, led by Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis, embarked on a visit to Cairo, Egypt, to meet with Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria and Pope of Africa. The visit took place at the historic Saint George Church in Old Cairo.

Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria and Pope of Africa, as the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, holds significant influence and spiritual authority in Egypt and Africa. Known for his dedication to religious harmony, social justice, and community empowerment, he plays a vital role in promoting peace and unity within their congregations and beyond.

His presence at the visit of V Group of Companies highlights their commitment to engaging with diverse stakeholders and fostering meaningful connections across different spheres of society.

It also served as a platform for exploring potential areas of cooperation, such as philanthropic initiatives, community development projects, and the promotion of sustainable practices within the business realm.