Antipollution Egypt: Environmental Impact Assessment unanimous approval gives green light to commence operations

In the presence of a consortium of leaders from various sectors including maritime transport and environmental management, Suez Canal Authority conducted a community consultation to assess the environmental impact of the operations set to begin by Antipollution Egypt.

The session resulted in unanimous agreement among all participants to proceed with the project from an environmental standpoint and has given the green light to officially commence operations.

Chairman Osama Rabie highlighted the session’s alignment with the authority’s commitment to meeting environmental standards and its role in the broader initiative to transform Suez Canal into an environmentally friendly corridor. Emphasizing the project’s contribution to local employment, they noted that 90% of the project’s workforce would be Egyptian, in line with governmental directives.

Chairman Vyron Vasileiadis expressed the company’s commitment to introduce sustainable waste collection practices for ships, marking a significant step toward environmental stewardship.

In addition, he emphasized the project’s role in advancing sustainable practices and technologies for waste management in the Suez Canal region.

Environmental consultants emphasized the positive environmental impact of the project, underscoring its potential for job creation and economic benefits. Dr. Muhammad Farooq, the environmental consultant, provided an overview of the project’s objectives and its environmental and social impact assessment.

During the consultation session led by Chairman Osama Rabie, attendees, including government officials and industry experts, discussed the project’s environmental implications and management strategies. They stressed the importance of adhering to environmental regulations and implementing comprehensive monitoring to ensure compliance.

Attendees concluded the session with unanimous support for the project, affirming its alignment with environmental standards and its potential to benefit the region economically while safeguarding natural resources.

Antipollution Egypt, a joint venture between V Group of Companies, Suez Canal Authority and the Greek – Egyptian Entrepreneur Mr. Eric Adam will provide state of the art waste collection and management services for all transiting vessels.