Dimitris Bakoulis Takes Part in Helmepa Online Seminars

In the realm of environmental protection and maritime sustainability, the efforts of individuals dedicated to combating pollution play a crucial role. Dimitris Bakoulis, Business Development Manager of Antipollution, recently made significant contributions to the cause by participating in online seminars organized by Helmepa. These seminars focused on addressing and preventing pollution, with a particular emphasis on the importance of antipollution measures.

Helmepa, the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, has been at the forefront of promoting environmental awareness within the maritime community. The association organizes seminars and workshops to educate industry professionals, stakeholders, and the general public about the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices in shipping.

Due to the global shift towards virtual communication, Helmepa adapted by hosting online seminars, allowing experts like Dimitris Bakoulis to participate from various locations. The online format enabled a wider audience to engage in discussions about antipollution measures, fostering a collaborative approach to address environmental challenges.

During the online seminars, Dimitris Bakoulis shared insights into the latest advancements in antipollution technologies and highlighted the importance of integrating sustainable practices into daily maritime operations. Bakoulis emphasized the role of technology, regulatory compliance, and industry collaboration in achieving meaningful results in the fight against pollution.