Meeting of Antipollution with IMO in Brussels

Antipollution’s executives participated in the 25th-anniversary festivities of Euroshore International in Brussels. Having been a member for two decades, Antipollution has made substantial contributions, leveraging its extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of port reception facilities to support the Association’s objectives and efforts in preserving the oceans and reducing the carbon footprint of the maritime industry.

Within the context of this event, significant was the celebration of the 50th anniversary since the establishment of the IMO International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), the primary global agreement aimed at preventing pollution of the marine environment caused by ships, be it through operational activities or accidental occurrences.

Mr. Andreas Giakoumelos, the General Manager of Antipollution, had the opportunity to converse with Mr. Camille Bourgeon, the Technical Officer of IMO, Sub-Division for Protective Measures, Marine Environment Division, and to present the company, its extensive track record in safeguarding the marine environment, and its various initiatives.

On the celebratory day, notable presentations at Euroshore’s event titled “The Contribution of the Port Reception Facilities to Decarbonising the Shipping Industry” were complemented. The event aimed to serve as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the added value of port reception facilities for the maritime industry, the challenges they encounter, and the solutions they propose to ports and shipowners to reduce their carbon footprint.